January 26, 2009

tired princess

last week was so stressful and busy that im still overwhelmingly tired. i slept a record amount yesterday. from sunday morning 6am till this morning 6am. i woke up for an hour a couple times, and just quickly for a few minutes. but i easily slept some 21 or so hours. and now, after a workday...yeah, i think ill go back to bed.

the wedding party was good, nothing went really bad! i just wish i couldve spent more time with the guests... i was torn between trying to talk to everyone. im really happy that so many people showed up to share the day with us.

but now My Day as a princess is over and done with. Arttu and me have an agreement for friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance. to be renewed in 10 yrs time.

i wore red, black an white...and photos will follow in their time.

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