February 17, 2009

needs. sleep.

wakoopa - a niiiice idea, wouldnt i love to see what i REALLY do? but, alas, i cant get it to work despite my best efforts and the help desk does not reply to me, and i have tried..... :(

sooo, ManicTime tracks wtf you really do

The Great Buck Howard. out on friday. need to see. obvious.
Crank 2. exactly like the first one, not that credible or smart...but boy does the trailer look good. i get the kick out of that alone, i think i can skip the movie. and the main character is using iPhone...errrr
Everlasting Moments. nordic(?) drama...and surprisingly, it seems interesting. too bad the Beck-cop Mikael Persbrandt is not very hot in this role, but the photography theme just might make up for it. i should try check this out.

cult cinema ads as voted by users of digital cinema media. Agent Provocateur definitely deserves the #1 spot. i hope the youtube video stays up...for here the hotness is...

my fav lingerie brand. just yesterday i got another pair of bra from eBay :) yay.

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