February 11, 2009

the limited spanish alphabet

its taken me a day or so to readjust to returning home. i was home at 2am on tuesday 'morning' and went to work in the morning. when i finally had the chance to sleep last night... i could not stop watching Boston Legal. god damn addictive i say. match that with me being fucking easily addicted and you have a situation.

so im back to work and tired still.

the trip was a success all in all. i need to check the photos at some point. i didnt take many though. just the usual, of foods and other little things.

my shopping was limited to some jewellery, lotsa tights and a shirt or two. oh and a pair of flat shoes! FLAT! historical event! my feet were really killing me in the middle of my shopping spree so i needed to remedy the situation there and then. flat shoes was it.

theres one thing id like to point out about Barcelona. perhaps Spain in general, i like making generalizations. THEY ONLY SELL ONE BRA CUP SIZE. that is B. i think i mightve come across a couple A's, and few (less than 10) C's, but that's it. out of the 10 underwear shops i went to (incl. Selmark, Women's Secret, Intimissimi), the D cup's they had hidden somewhere in the bottom drawer could be counted with probably by one hand alone. in one Intimissimi store where i enquired about this from the sales person, i was told that the big department store Ingles Cortes might have D. well, i didnt bother going. the point is that the average lingerie store only has B. for one store i would understand it as a differentiation method, which i thought it was when i found out a nice fancy store officially only carry B. i was confused at first since the bra was everywhere nicely sectioned according to the girth underneath the bust, 75,80,85 etc. however, cup size was missing. no label mentioned such thing. spanish females all better be size B then. nice size for sure, but nevertheless, come on?!!! my question about a (oh my god!) D was met with surpise and confusion. after a couple stores i really had to believe it, im not spanish. what amused me was one of the "B store" representatives, who obviously wore the items they have on shelf. but based on the bumby frontal area i would suggest she wouldn't. just a matter of opinion. but when she assured me they only have B, i felt sorry for her, not just for myself.

anyway, now my gigantic self (?i dont think so, but Spain certainly made me feel that way) is back home and in the mail that had arrived while i was gone was a nice pair of La Senza bra...:)

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