March 20, 2009

apply for a russian visa

i met some Costa Rican guy tonight. he wrote me through couchsurfing and he is staying in a hostel but said hed appreciate local company, and suggested going out, coffee or beer... i said id show him cheap beer places around where i live. which i did. he has a finnish gf so hes been here before, not a total stramger. apparently they have some semi-open relationship thing going on, and we had some flirting happening... but i decided to leave the bar before 1am, i was tired and anyways... just felt like it. miss R and VV and some others were asking me to go to a bar nearby, but i felt like it was best if didnt, i tend to drink too much in that company, and indeed i was tired...

hehe, Lucio Linhares beat Sean Salmon at the recent Fight Festival. too bad i wasnt there to see it.

i picked up Out of the Blue-Confessions of an Unlikely Porn Star today from the bookstore and merely one page got me hooked :D so far so good. The Iceman bio by Liddell hasnt got me convinced yet, but it isnt bad either. my fav types of books have always been bios and generic fact. when i was a kid i read a lot about supernatural stuff (with a critic eye though) from poltergeists to ghosts etc., and sexuality and death of course. i think i was on the 8th grade or so when i read Emile Durkheim's classic epos 'Suicide'. makes me think we sometimes dont change that much, from when were kids to when we grow up...

this torrent (Pitchfork presents the 100 best tracks of 2008) is great, on average really entertaining music, from Hercules and the Love Affair to M83 to Empire of the Sun.

i chatted with Anastasia fromMoscow... the photographer girl, i met in Portugal. i said i could go to Moscow and had been planning easter but almost gave up on it. i should really make myself do it though, i should go. i want to photograph her, she was good company too, although we dont have much of a same language.

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