March 25, 2009

be sure to log it or it never happened

"Greg Rutter's definitive list of 99 thing you should have seen..." there was a couple i had missed. "I'm F*$king Matt Damon" must be my favorite out of those...and the response to it (on the same website) is just as good.

'evolution of dance' is ooold but ever so amusing;

i complained about this a while back, i didnt get it to work and they didnt reply my help requests. until they did. i did some heavy testing with several debug versions and whatnot. Wouter from Wakoopa figured out what caused the issue (dynamic attribute of the partitioned hard drives) and finally i got myself a 'hand-made' version that works! the next actual update of Wakoopa will also include this fix.

getting all my computer activity logged is... ill run big brother out of business, doing all the work for them.

*listening to Daylight and the sun by Antony and the Johnsons*

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