March 25, 2009

the other woman

i had a weak moment (one of many) and bought Jasper Conran's Mistress then... the fresh but sweet and mysterious scent got me. the name did 'hit a note' as well... ...

also i wanted a small cheer up so i visited the liquor store (havent done that after my birthday), just to have them ask for my ID... (the price for the smile on my face was 5e, a bottle of salmari). of course, there is the risk of them not asking my ID... and i suppose i could try to find more educated ways of lifting my mood- but why bother? i guess i am bored. no thats not guessing, thats knowing. my cupboard is getting surprisingly full, not because i would make these please-ask-my-ID shopping sprees to the store so often, just leftovers from some occasions, i dunno, and i havent been drinking (at home especially). but thats good. and its good that something is good.

i watched Lie to me's all 7 episodes. now what?

at work ive been learning about all this these website analytics-programs. we use several of them, all giving different types of info. i couldnt believe that it could go so deep... anyway, i need to do some statistisc now, follow up on how my editorial stuff works and so forth. also on friday im going to one of our partners, they are working on a new layout and i should help them out a bit, the layout is already designed but stuff like hot to utilize it to the max and bring the best out of it. maybe little tweaks. and something about visuals. anyway, i feel kind of good about being able to help with that, altho i dont think its directly within my job description to help other companies but it will benefit both parties.

i tried to arrange my make up a bit, its really messy on my table. most of the stuff is in the drawers etc but lately ive just been laying this around on the table... while trying to organize a bit i quickly gathered i have over 10 blushes, and around 25 foundations (a couple of them creme powder or similar). and im sure lipsticks are still at around 70. but the number used to be 100. so i sit here ask myself do i have a problem? the answer is ...NO :D yay.

i got this jacket last week. and matched a leather belt with it. i think ill just switch the patch on the chest pocket tho..

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