March 22, 2009

Blue saturday

im almost done with the Blue Blake bio as ive been reading it constantly. very entertaining, interesting and obviously addicting. i tried to search for his work online, to see some of the scenes he mentions, but without much luck. i suppose i am not really up to date whereabouts on the interweb 90s gay pr0n is...

Agan, fellow photographer whom i met in Portugal, asked to do an interview and feature of me in some web photo mag him and his friends are doing. i got the interview questions the other day, i look forward to explaining my take on god and whatnot...good questions. and apparently people have been asking Agan if im on drugs when i shoot, lol. also gotta love this one; "I think you are so rebel,independent,wild and strong. But, have you ever cry because of love?" :D or am i inhuman perhaps? ive spent biiig part of my life crying for love. but love is also in part what makes life worthwhile so i guess its a fair deal... but, i should be reflecting myself on these questions in the txt doc i got, not here...

some new series i plan to check out are Fringe, Dollhouse and Lie to me. i know nothing about them, except what i just saw on the websites briefly. sometimes not expecting anything is good.

Dollhouse *check* NO GO
did Buffy writer Wheadon get to cast the actors for Dollhouse as well? the main character Eliza Dushku has the same droopy-eyed look (no offense, just an exaggarated opinion) as the Buffy actor. it happens to be a feature i don't like at ALL. so, that was it for the Dollhouse.

i found a new possible perfume today...:) its been a while. Jasper Conran's Mistress. surprisingly 'cheery' and light, i expected something darker, but its endearing and complicated still.

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