March 23, 2009

"dingdong the witch is gone"

Lie to me was fuckin awesome. me hooked. not like the best series ever, the reality aspect is as poor as in any other, House or ER... but intelligent male characters have me weaaaak. the psychology aspect, regardless of how superficial and obvious, is also pleasing to me.

next on my to see -list are Chuck, United States of Tara and Gossip Girl. i wont bother finding links because then i would find out something... now im clueless. also i noticed the new season of Apprentice is out... :)

turned out the 'globe' necklace with finland engraved in it wasnt from my dad as i recalled. it was gven as a christening present by some friend of the family whose name my mom doesnt even remember anymore. its odd to think that 29 yrs ago someone...whose name has been forgotten, gave such a present, not big but thoughtful, and i am wearing it today.

i got these from Etsy;

these shoes have come to the end of their road... nice withcy boots but too old and worn down. i will bury them in my trash can with care.

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