March 07, 2009

shelves breaking under the weight of...

bookshopping los gigantos...

spending a relaxing friday night at home (as Paavo cancelled our meeting due to flu but that was fine as i was bloody tired) i decided to check the book market again :) the pound and dollar are still so damn cheap its a good shopping time. which reminds me, F and his wife to be are in NYC now, shopping :) i miss N.Y. :(

as for the books, i ended up with
House and Philosophy: Everybody Lies by Henry Jacoby
8,99e from my local bookstore Akateeminen. yay. will arrive next week. i couldnt resist being that House is my fav tv series and i am often thinking about his view on life myself, i kind of like it...
Iceman: My Fighting Life by Chuck Liddell and Chad Millman
Iceman's bio. maybe a good time to write it, i think he's pretty much done with that career. perhaps i even hope that im wrong. 8,86e(11,20$) from
Out of the blue: Confessions of an unlikely porn star by Blue Blake
i havent seen Blue's work (...) but this book was applauded as super funny etc... so why not give a chance. maybe i WILL check out his stuff then! gay pron anyone? 10,95e from a local store
Suicide and attempted suicide by Geo Stone
suicide 'cook book'. need to read one of these...apparently the best and most coherent. with a good check on the topic in general, teen angst to drunken mistakes to whom this book i suppose is really for; fatally ill. and why the fuck is this priced like 100$ on average?? to keep it away from teenagers? ok i see the point, BUT. and why the fuck is it, that after extensive search, the one place in the world selling it for 20% of the original price is in Holland? euthanasia and open-mindedness ring a bell sound familiar... anyway, so i got this book for altogether 29,95e from
The Savage God: A study of suicide by A.Alvarez
a personal view of the artist Alvarez on his throughts around this... his own failed attempt and thoughts on Sylvia Plath and so forth. so for once not a scientific take on suicide. alltogether 5.5e (4,92£) from
Final Exits: The illustrated encyclopedia of how we die by Michael Largo
this is really a humorous purchase i suppose, as the content are rather entertaining Darwin Awards type of cases. altogether 9e from (everytime i use spanish, swedish or german webstores i feel grateful for understanding these languages - can save a lot of money)
The Porning of America: The Rise of Porn Culture, What It Means, and Where We Go from Here by Carmine Sarracino
the title speaks for itself. everything is porn and porn seems to be everything. i hope to get a nice sociological/cultural study on the subject. 17e (21,46$) from

studies on porn/culture are interesting in general, but i frown at the ├╝berfeminist takes on the subject because i have never seen feminists able to show objectivity when it comes to this, they just keep tantering their own views. perhaps thats the point, u need to have books from all sides. Pornography: The production and consumption of inequality is one of the books i decided to pass on the fear of this, but who knows...

i guess i shouldve ordered Tito Ortiz's bio as well as Chuck Liddell's, being that Tito was the first ever MMA fighter i remember noticing. when i watched that first DVD that Sebastian borrowed me... he was the one that stood out. but, perhaps later, its got mixed reviews and id hate to get disappointed.

while browsing, i ran into this; We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will be Killed With Our Families: Stories from Rwanda by Philip Gourevitch. I read this many years ago, and it had a tremendous effect on me. good reading for anyone, i say. harsh... but thats what reality is.

ive been wearing this pendant a lot lately, actually for the first time in my life i think. i got it from my dad a looong time ago. maybe 15yrs ago? acually, his b-day is today. most of my relatives are born around these first 2 weeks of march... anyway i like this for the simplicity and patriotism obviously.

the other day miss R and i were in the grocery store nd she talked me into a buing a sweet potato... and convinced it can be cooked like a normal potato (i just mastered that skill last year so im looking forward to keepiung it up). lets see if i really come around to it. its a huge fuckin thing.

one of the shirts i bought the other day. 2e from H&M. men's shirt...but who cares.

tonight is a dinner and drinking evening with miss R, Ella&Teemu and Ella's friend Annika. thats how u know you are becoming an adult, u add food to the usual program.

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Tomo said...

The Iceman autobiog is a really good read and you're right, it's a good time for it to be published.

Tito's book is also definitely worth a read if you get the chance.