March 29, 2009

sunday 29th. status: WASTED

i slept until 6pm today... u could call that wasting a day i guess. last night at the 50yr anniversary party went well, altho me and Arttu were certainly the youngest people there, easily. it was a fancy dinner-event type of thing.

nice set of portraits in a dA article, lotsa cheap ones but many good photos as well.

i found my new wallpaper from, they have wide screens so its the place for me :)

Etsy's new shop by color -tool is really cool on its own. forget shopping, its just fun to look at the colors and throw thumbnails around...

i bought this ring from etsy a week ago. i added the 'NOT' in it though, felt like it was appropriate with my plastic nails and dyed hair and all... my personality has often been described 'genuine' but i dont think thats enogh to grant me the title in full.

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