March 30, 2009


i finally felt like giving twitter a go. i might not keep updating, im not quite sure yet how i feel about it, if it really suites me... time will show.

since i wont go to Moscow after all i need to rethink my easter holidays. theres an all-day-drinking-event i was invited to but i think i have to pass. i would just drink unnecessarily much...and who cares...but i just dont quite feel like it i suppose?

Ella and Teemu broke up. they were quite cute together, and it lasted for a few years, i will recall this couple fondly.

im wondering if i should next year celebrate my 30th birthday somehow, hold a party, something like that. i guess. i should have a triple-theme of some sort.

i was supposed to meet Maria today, but she cancelled due to dog trimming appointment. fine, i am actually a bit tired and was worrying about it... her friend has a coffeeshop in kallio, we were supposed to check that out.

im decisive on going to istanbul in july.

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