April 09, 2009


ive been disappointed at CuteOverload for a while now. they feature too many wild animals and special species... then theres the "CO was featured in wherever, yay!" posts... and while i looove kitties, omg way too many Winston-posts. and cartoons and whatnot shit thats not very much related to animals... and all this disappointment at a point when they FINALLY get their website redesigned and pretty. i guess the shift in content is a conscious decision, maybe they got new startegy...but is just not pleasing me. i dropped CO from my Google Reader.

Sprint's campaign video is kinda cool

buy services from the superhot Vincent Gallo.... :D

i checked out some new apps and things today.
imeem, a social network sharing thing, did not impress me, while reaaally pretty it seems to be aggressively selling me stuff, its own VIP account and working in cohesion with other companies...also very US centric. i gave it 1 minute, that was enough i believe.

AdobeAIR. seems handy so far... i actually have to say that Adobe has always been a reliable brand for me, their products have lived up to my expectations. i am now trying Destroy Twitter on it.

Last.fm Boffin impressed me. it creates a last.fm radio from the music in my computer, very simple lightweight thingy. here it is going through my files at first;

Today's Daily Bunny is just amazing, i mean, where do they find these posh buns, true personality here, and a lionhead no less! im baffled in the glow of this perfection.

going to Sweden tomorrow!

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