April 09, 2009

talking to strangers yay, just what mom told me not to do!

online idea project by BrainStore

Forex currency converter add-on for FF :) handy as hell.

josef fritzl jokes.... sometimes the cruelest ones are really funny, and more

is quite cool idea... underlines my point that names and such are not important. what is important is the person. and omegle strips you from all the other stuff so thats whats left is just how you communicate via txt. and truth in a way is also not important, as in if you think youre chatting with a 15yr old babe, but its really a 60yr old guy... your impression and feeling is all there is, reality is not really the point. if youre having fun discussing, does it matter if theyre not who they say they are? youll prolly never know. anyway, i like this idea a lot, no expectations, just a person.

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