April 17, 2009

i announce friday being okay

the fucked up weird tv series i saw in Stockholm was The Mighty Boosh by BBC. upon checking out it in youtube i can see that ive seen the "worst" of it... but geez, im still wtf... at 4 minutes my brain really started to melt...;

maybe im just very narrowminded...but talking gorillas are a bit out there.

tv series checked - given time to form an analysis - analysis
icarly - 4 mins - shit
life - 10 mins - hmm interesting maybe...but maybe not, too obvious
tust me - 15 mins - so-so...not enough personal interest for me
mistresses - full episode - was gonna write write something empty along the lines of the others...and i guess i will indeed, im hooked :(
rock of love - full episode - Bret Michaels reality TV dating! fuck. he is... not as hot as he was in 1990. surprise? anyway, hes amusing enough, i can watch a few episodes of this i suppose. but the explicit french kissing is...err.
make me a supermodel - full episode - these model things always work for me, i like following the shoots etc.
beautiful people - 3 mins - wtf? shit, completely irrelevant

Tiitta and her live in bf have a housewarming party tomorrow, yay!

uncomfortable plot summaries
i sometimes think some sides of movies this way...

1 yr and 3 million e was the verdict. i dont know what to think actually. which sounds ridiculous. i was trying to get a hold of Arttu, for some discussion on the topic, he always helps me to clarify my thoughts. and when we finally got on the phone, we just talked about my work stuff, which also required clarification. not the work itself... just some things i was pondering and mentally struggling with. all better now :)


the wombat of the b.o.l. said...

I thought the Mighty Boosh was OK, quite funny, a bit morbid maybe but that's good...

Jim said...

It just occurred to me that friends of Tiitta's boyfriend would perceive it as 'him and his live-in girlfriend', perhaps. Or did she own/rent the flat first, and then he moved in?

It's the question of the perception that interests me, whether 'who was there first' matters, 'who do we know best', or even 'who's the man, a woman is always a guest in a man's house' - although I'd hope you Finns are too progressive to think that way. ;)

jenni said...

i think its natural to refer to *friends name* and their live-in... rather than *someone i dont know* and their live-in, which would be my friend. and if my friend's name was Tiitta, where would i include the name?

neither lived there before, but it wouldnt matter regarding my forming of the sentence.

round here sexes are equal in contexts like this.