April 04, 2009

lost in me

im having a pretty good day in general i believe. i just went grocery shopping and now have ingredients for a healthy meal. ill just mix some pasta and veggies and cheese and stuff, thats all i know how to do. which reminds me, i can do sushi, and i should set up a sushi session with someone... i miss it.

on thursday and yesterday i had a photo shoot for a sports organization (a poster campaign against racism), the person i shot yesterday has been a model for 20 yrs i believe, not a surprise she was the easiest person to shoot, like ever :D on thurday i shot mostly professional atheletes.

i saw Che yesterday. the title was translated in finnish to say "Che - hero" (sankari), and i raised my eyebrow at that. i dont think translated titles should offer their own suggestions as for what the movie is about. of course the movie indeed paint a heroic image of Ernesto, but to just add a word "hero" in the title? thats too suggestive... was a nice movie though. not like awesome, but Benicio has me wetting my panties every time. why cant i comment on the actual content and just make silly personal remarks? dont know. im obviously interested in the topic, and the trip to Cuba last summer opened me to some new views, but having read differing views on all these things, i am just not sure what to think in the end. need to read more.

this time next week i should be in Stockholm. photographing probably. the piercing place (called Calm i believ) is closed during easter though, so unfortunately i wont be getting my finger surface piercing.

Guardian has a nice international hangman-game on their site. i played it a good few rounds.

most used subway systems in the world
. nice visuals. i especially like comparing the different maps, how the subway plan is structured...Moscow and Paris for instance are for different 'purposes' i suppose. made me think how cool helsinki's subway map would be on a shirt. its not quite as impressive as some metropolises out there...heh. i found this shirt from mentalwear;

this just looks pretty;

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Jim said...

The Warsaw metro, unfortunately, doesn't quite count as a great classic of design... Looks more like a guy trying to walk in a straight line after a few vodkas too many... which, in its way, is entirely emblematic of the country. :)