April 12, 2009

not officially admitting to anything, especially to liking swedish people

my last few hours in sweden, and i actually wouldnt want to leave yet. ive had a really good time, everyone i met has been great, i think i managed to take some okay photos, and ive enjoyed Ville's company a lot. i think we should be meeting again some time.

on friday i went to the pre-party of the Tinitus-festival and then to the actual festival, i recall Hocico and Combichrist playing. the pre-party was in a penthouse by the water, beautiful spot, Ville's father's. they share some friends, hence the place. i met some really cool people. the festival was an experience too, lots of latex and piercing. i think i took a ton of photos. need to check them once i get home. yesterday this gothic model came over and we did some photos of her and Ville.

in the evening we watched tv comedies like Big Bang Theory, a great show i did not know about. And Jimmy Carr's stand up and Black Books. and this one really fucked up weird show, cant remember its name... ill check, but it was the weirdest stuff ive seen on TV i believe. kind of funny, but mostly just WTF??!!!

today another girl came over, and again we shot some photos. because of my late notice of arrival Ville had scheduled a roleplaying session today so im spending the evening alone before leaving. theyre playing in the living room though, its a biiig commune apartment with several shared rooms, very nice old fashioned decoration and style.

the living room is the size of my apartment i think... with HUGE leather couches, more for laying around than sitting really. the set up would easily fit almost 20 people. a big screen and a projector habging from the cealing top it off... you can make things quite enjoyable there!

the owner of the place has his books in a library room of a sort, and the collection is impressive... i found a particularly amusing title amongst the business/capitalism section; Winners, Losers & Microsoft. i think ill check it out now that i have some spare time ...:)

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