May 30, 2009

supporting the economy and chinese children again

i just changed my FF skin a week or so ago. i went for ACE Safari Foxdie (Graphite)

yes. i have a safari skin. didnt see this coming but somehow im not surprised. this is exactly how i normally keep shocking myself...but not anymore.

i like The Name Inspector blog. he writes about names, obviously. brand names, naming. the pop side of linguistics that im into.

yesterday i was about to go for dinner with miss R but we switched it to a picnic on sunday instead. apparently the weather should be great so... and then, instead, i met Sebastian yesterday, and we went to sit at the park behind my building, eating ice cream and drinking cider. afterwards we walked to the center do some shopping business he had to do and went for just ONE drink at Aula bar. then i got home and wtf, was so tired i went to bed soon. and woke up early today! woohoo! at 12. i was energetic and my home looks like it... i got the dishwasher and washing machine going and arranged my mountains of shoes a bit...

this is from the park mentioned, from a week or two ago, when i was there with Karri.

Sebastian took this photo of mi new white dress yesterday. i also got a white thin cardigan to go with it (or anything else). im having a big white season again...

white shirt. i also got a similar one bit thicker and with long sleeves. very hard to find those these days! what the F is it with the 3/4 sleeves??

lovely black frilly skirt :)

pink dress. i know its really underwear but who cares, i want to wear it with leggins and cardigan in the summer. also an easy dress to wear at home on saturday afternoons while youre cleaning up... :) super duper soft material.

something from dA;

how to know your brain is frozen? browsing a random website (hostels), you don't notice the site is actually in german, not english. not that i care much but i think i mightve missed word here or there without noticing or just...not grasping it happened. and btw, hostel beds in Peking start at 3,5e/night.... very inviting. very.

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