May 30, 2009

a looong LOUD FB tweet

surviving the world is quite amusing. life lessons :) this one is very current. i can avoid reading people's blogs and many other status/profile sites. but facebook is a friend-thing, you add people cos theyre friends or old friends or acquintances, and some dont seem to care *looks at her invitations*. yet, i dont really care to always read about the daily chores of EVERONE... honestly forcing all your 50 to 500 friends read about what you are doing now or planning to do soon or what you just did...or what you THINK...please. thats obnoxious. to think that someone cares. because i think you have to assume that they care, to be able to do it. okay so you are going to a gig tonight. your best friend, and those 2 others, they may care.but your high school classmates? your ex-workmates? your cousin? your shoving that info down their throats regardless...

i admit to updating my status in FB like once a month. and have guilt over that.

well, there is the hide button... yes. wouldnt you love to know that 60% of your "friends" have BLOCKED your stupid fuckin messages? heh.

twitter i find different because so far not everyone (of my age, class and social circle etc) is in there. only selected people who like twitter, use it. like selected people who like horses would go on a horsey-website. so, us tweeters follow some of each other but i dont feel a pressure to follow someone who follows me. and indeed very importantly its not mutual, which FB friendships are. which makes sense considering the whole purpose. by following you actually want to read this person's tweets. i am not an active tweeter, but i wouldnt feel bad if i was, im not forcing that shit upon anyone.

but FB. jesus. some ppl really think a lot of themselves. you get a lot of leeway by being funny, but mostly youre not.

Information Arbitrage's blog post "Twitter is our id, Facebook is our ego"

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