June 14, 2009

bodily amusements

i cant believe, i cannot find having posted this link before...
Sociological images
a great blog about the gender roles and other sociological issues and how theyre depicted in media and advertizing. especially about the distortions...

a funny little post about tattoo locations. i think ive quite succesfully proven the 'red' statement wrong! and some of the others correct...eh. heh.

i guess this attitude is what unfortunately most have towards body modifications... usually u find rather positive or just neutral reactions on these type of websites, while this little article chooses make stupid and derogatory remarks. i still find the arm below arm one of the funniest things ever. "ribbed for her pleasure", with the subdermal implants. the humor aspect is obviously 50% because its an ARM, modifying your body in the name of humor is unconventional.

just a tattoo (Mark's) but an amusing one.

some awesome photo manips at webdesignerdepot

im upset. altho its BUNDAY, CO has not uploaded anything BUNish so far. well, ive been unimpressed with Co for quite a while now anyway. they post a lot of uninteresting shit, and plenty of those "CO featured in whatever TV/mag/website" posts... and im not too much into all the rare species, which names i cannot even remember.

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