June 16, 2009

blood dripping

True Blood's 2nd season started. it knocked my socks off - again.

Hunch.com is interesting but im not sure what itll become. relays a lot of users which is the trend, yes, but prolly needs more meat on its bones to really be ineresting to large masses? my big complaint about Hunch is that its very US centric.

perhaps not an exmple of US cenricism but otherwise culturally unaware question:
When meeting a personal friend of the opposite sex, which of the following do you do?
-shake hands
-kiss on one cheek
-kiss on both cheeks

??! how about NO TOUCHING!

but for a decision making machine...i dunno if Hunch is useful. just masturbating on your self, like FB quizzes do, yea maybe. after all, i rather a couple hours studying a topic to make a decision than answering questions and then leaving it up to a machine. "ive answered 500 questions, pls now tell me where i should go on vacation".

a good quote:
I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn't work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.

i got a busy week... work is superbusy cos my colleque is on vacation, and another left completely last week. so i have some of their tasks, plus my own of course. and the shorter work week due to midsummer and my vatarion next week are giving me extra stress, i need to schedule stuff for the website. and these a few extra projects at work that need my attention.

but after my vacation...i have too little work actually, 15h/week. i got my part time deal, with less hours than i actually need. it should be only momentary but i guess i ill have to evaluate my situation a bit, see how things go.

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