June 17, 2009

noble people

had a 'casual wednesday' today at work i guess. there was sausages and beer(or cider) at the terrace in the afternoon. ive been superbusy trying to get things ready for my vacation...but ive done an okay job and should get everything done tomorrow.

in the evening i shot miss Eva Von Slut, who came all the way from San Fransisco to perform at the Helsinki Burlesque event last sunday. i am lacking the name of the event...but nevertheless. she was fun to talk to and i took her out for 2 ciders, had to show what girrrls here in Finland (often) drink. shed tried other finnish things on the nights earlier to this. impressive lady, Eva, doing a lot, band stuff and some burlesque altho mostly retired from it... the all covering tattoos really struck me!

i got a lot of stuff to do tomorrow. i was supposed to do a shoot with this german girl but i rescheduled it to the beginning of july... i just have so many things to do before my vacation, from applying for part-time unemployment to applying for some other things...hmm.

my latest music find: Teddybear STHLM (spotify link) (youtube) (myspace)

Sziget festival in august has a long list of bands....but me is pleased with the following names;
Manic Street Preachers
Lily Allen
The Prodigy
The Klaxons
Snow Patrol
Eric Prydz
Armin Van Buuren

and note; Buena Vista Social Club! :D

theres so many unknown names tho, i have a feeling i might like many that im not aware of just yet.

i was supposed to go to miss R's friend place for midsummer on friday, out of the city, for a small/medium size party... but somehow did not feel like it after all. and since most ppl there would not know me anyway, i decided to bail out. just stay at home or whatever. i mean who says u need to do something or be somewhere during midsummer? its a tradition, but not one that actually makes u anything more or better. u go out party when u feel like it. end of story. i can relax and do whatever the fuck i want. i will prolly be seeing Arttu though. and Jim is arriving on saturday. i should sketch up some things for us to go see and do while hes here.

the conspicuous truth:
My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I am right.

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