June 30, 2009

freedom bird

my last day of full time job was today, after 6 months of hard work i am finally freeeeeee. well, not really, but symbolically. i got the part time job as i wished, but 15h/week. which is not what i wished for. so me is unhappy and needs to look for new source(s) of income.

but the full time/part time difference mentally is huge. i really do feel quite free. ill be working again tomorrow, but from home, and just 5 hours. on thursday...im free to do what i want. i should really plan how to spend all this precious free time...:P

i do have my tattoo appointment on thursday...but ive got my sketches more less ready. which reminds of what i got done in Istanbul... this.

not very big... makes no sense to anyone but me i know. i dont think id bother explaining.

i put my Istanbul photos in Flickr.

in the morning;
Istanbul at morning
we were walking around near Taksim with Firacos, after being in bars all night, and ended up here. around 6 am and the air was yet nicely warm.

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