June 30, 2009

Tesekkür ederim

got home last night at 1:30am or so. tried to get some sleep, i was so sleep deprived i felt dizzy, and had work this morning to come to. i knew this when i booked the trip, but taking yet another day off 'just because i am tired after a trip' doesnt seem to make sense. and actually im okay. slept 5 hours but feel much better already.

leaving Istanbul was emotional, i really really really liked the city. its nowhere near perfect, but it had something else that i enjoyed. i could list things but it cannot be described. i guess its just an irrational feeling.

but it was def one of my best trips ever. the people i met made were the bestest, and everyone in general was really nice and friendly. public transport worked better than i expected, humongous cities like this are often not so well organized, especially when the country is not very rich and the population has just blown out of proportions.

anyhow, life goes back to normal now i suppose. i shall miss some friends i gained. and look out for opportunities to go back :)

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