June 22, 2009

next stop: Atatürk int airport

weekend was BUSY. its been a while since i used alcohol so excessively, and its shows in the face, im bloated as hell.

midsummer on friday was spent with Arttu and later we found ourselves seeing K as well. on saturday Jim arrived and i tried my best to show him finnish foods and drinks and people. hes Tiitta's #1 fan so i set something up with her. ended up having a great evening last night, with some of her friends, sitting out at the rocks nearby here, and later on in a bar. i have a suspicion that Jim also saw a nice bit of finland and finnishness.

anyway, i dont feel my 'freshest' but i need to pack and get my ass over to Istanbul today. Finnair will do most of the job, granted, i really just need to get on board. and watch the latest episode of True Blood while heading south east.

i am txting with some local deviants already, setting up meetings...:) one of them is an internationally acclaimed pianist that happens to be performing at Istanbul music festival on thursday i think it was...he invited us to go see, i am excited...while classical music is not my favorite but i feel priviliged if i can see this somene im randomly meeting, perform. like, when i went to mexico city, and Adixion just had a photo exhibition (his first, i think) and i could go see it.

need to remember to send cards to mom, maybe dad (i dont think i have his address tho?) and Manuel.

*is very excited*
*has been listening to Pink Floyd's Shine on you crazy diamond almost every night now*
*packs sunscreen, SPF 50 (wanting to stay snow white thnx)*

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