June 19, 2009

sounds in the night

CO delivers: nobody understands emo bun. I DO I DO! speaking of which, i just met this girl last night, a friend of K's, who has 2 buns. we agreed to take portraitures of them things. i am excited! :)

i started the midsummer celebrations wee bit early apparently. woke up at K's place this morning. well not by accident really. id heard appraisal regarding his couch and the smell of fresh bed linen on it... i had to test as the opportunity presented itself. i fell asleep listening to Beatles' All you need is love and Pink Floyd's Shine on you crazy diamond. i had this moment there, while laying and listening, in which all the worries in the world did not matter and i was happy.

i am lately getting these 'school project interview' requests etc. through facebook! hand in hand with a friend request of course... uh, no? FB is really coming the medium for any communication at all, for some people. sorry im so limited...

bloodhound gang, after like a 10 yr break, is amusing me again, with Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss (spotify) (youtube live) (last.fm)

gothic mass from dA;

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