July 30, 2009


ive been confused a couple days. it all started with a seemingly innocent video, "the wedding entrance", in yuotube (seems to be getting a couple million views per day :))

thats lovely, makes me smile EVERY time.

however, doesnt that sound like...i dunno...some soul Rn' B shit that any african-american male pop artist would be doing? or backstreet boys even?

but its Kid Rock. wtf. i dont know him but i dont think this is supposed to be him. some brand marketing gone horribly wrong?

there is an error in the world.

im not getting over this.
Eero kindly pointed out the real artist, Chris Brown. Spotify managed to betray me real well, having mixed up song&artist info. and since Kid Rock has a song called Forever, i didn't notice the mistake while googling either. phew, at least now thats cleared up.


Eero said...

Tota... Se on itseasiassa http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Brown_(entertainer) joka on tunnettu kauhean musiikin lisäksi esimerkiksi Rihannan pahoinpitelystä. Mut jos toi ois ollut Kid Rock en olis ollut sen enempää ihmeissäni - skeidaahan se jo aiemminkin teki :D

jenni said...

noniin spotify onnistu kusettaan...lol. kelaa et niil on piisit sekasin?!