July 29, 2009

all yours all night

i was watching Mental (S01E09)... the main guy, Jack, had a relationship with another doctor, a surgeon. however she wanted some prrof of forever and commitment and whatever... Jack was not willing to promise forever, she got upset and left him.

as she was going out the door, he asked her not to go. she asked why. Jack said "cos i want you to say". she asks "today?"
"and after?"

"thats not enough"
and so she goes. i dont know how you can sk much more than that... i know ppl get married and all. but they just started dating like some weeks earlier, wtf? i think the wonderful part of dating, or any relationship, is that you can choose every day to be with that person. you dont stick together just...for the car loan. of course there are harder days in between the nice ones, always...and then you can or should maybe use your judgment and not make decisions too fast. i dont think the point is that you leave as soon as a bad day arrives. of course it ill arrive. but just because you are free to choose every day, doesnt mean u have to be an idiot. ur the one whose loosing, if u leave a good thing.

anyway, i thought she was too demanding, he clearly wanted to be with her, spend time with her... making promises for next year is too much to ask. and ridiculous. u can always hope. think that says a lot. if you can honestly say u hope to share next year as well. and the one after that. but promising... i dunno, isnt it unrealistic?


blackblog said...

don't know if this blog is meant to get comments; but i think one should be grateful if a person choses to spend some time with you. promising is just a very kitschy idea a lot of people have - and we all know it's not possible to promise such a thing because people change and evolve over time (sometimes in different directions). we should be thankfull if we can share a part of our path with someone we love/like. and the knowledge of the finiteness of such relations - by seperation or by death - should makes us value them even more.
But to be honest, sometimes everyone wants to get the promise - knowing the other person would be there 4ever - maybe 'cause the promise has something supernatural or ├╝ber-human... that reminds me of the movie T2, when sarah watches the terminator "playing" with john. she talks to herself and says: the machine would be the best father john could ever have. it would never be too tired or drunk or screaming at him. it would always be there...

jenni said...

i agree, it is human to want to hear that promise. i guess a promise can be appreciated...the person with the promise obviously is devoted, believing in things that are unlikely. wanting to say something that is not possible.

i suppose this is one of the things that makes love romantic, the irrationality of it.

nice T2 reference.