July 26, 2009

weekend slipped through my fingers

foursquare is the next twitter, say some sources. ahah. we shall see. i am enthusiastically sitting and waiting.

last night i was at Sebastian's party... they are infamously good. we did some barbecue in the yard, some people went to a sauna, and then it was just guitar hero and drinking in for the rest of the night. i met many new nice people. yay. i was also told that my 80s Spotify playlist has been in use. i have made a difference in the world...

today i admit i did not do much. went to picnic with Arttu and his friend I, and then for a couple drinks afterwards when it got too cold. Arttu and i also have a project of going walking together, tonight was our 2nd time. i feel brave and sporty.

tomorrow is monday and its work all over again. jesus. does i ever end? (no)

best trailer EVER; Alvin and the chipmunks; Squeakquel. especially the trailer soundtrack deserves major credits.
a movie about Coco before Chanel
other interesting films include A Woman In Berlin and some contagius disease horror in Carriers. The Hurt Locker is probably sooo average, americans policing the world and being heros...but i might give it a try anyway.

Alice in Wonderland is a pretty obvious hit, being Tim Burton, with Johnny and all. yes and yes.

not rated very high, but i am interested in this book anyway; Jihad vs. McWorld: How Globalism and Tribalism Are Reshaping the World. saw it in Sebastian's bookshelf.

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