July 27, 2009


wikihow. promising, still an ugly how to-site. but with the wiki prefix i am expecting much of course.

i am not sure if i ever need anything Wolfram Alpha has to offer. i was on the query page and tried to think of a question. all i could think is "how to grow weed" (although i am certainly not interested in doing it), and it said "Wolfram|Alpha isn't sure what to do with your input." right. nevermind then. i guess thats a google type of question. has to be something to do with numbers i guess... "how long do bunnies live?". nothing again, i got a link to "bunnies", but the page does not impress me...im better off using fuckin wiki. bye bye W/A.

fmylife is hilarious. i really lol reading it.
"Today, after 9 months in our relationship, my boyfriend and I lost our virginity to each other. We had incredible, mind-blowing sex. An hour later, he broke up with me because apparently "my orgasm face is ugly." FML "

"Today, my boss had to leave the house for a little while. She asked me to take any messages she got. I answered the phone and lady calling said she was returning her call about the opening for a nanny position. I am the current nanny. I found out I am being fired by the new nanny. FML"

so i guess im not doing so bad after all....

so Affliction is dead. and i was waiting to see Fedor's fight next week. fucking damn. whats next for... everyone?

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