August 15, 2009

festivities continue

3 festival days done and im starting to look like it, too. 2 more to go.... this is a tough sport. my feet are killed. i wake up in the morning, get up from bed and the pain makes me bite my teeth. it doesnt get any better when we go to the festival and dance... and by the time we tumble back to our apartment at night, i am close to crying. but i always had these issues with my feet, i cant walk too much, its pathetic. definitely my achilles heel...

Tricky the other night was not so amazing, my expectations were really high, but Prodigy yesterday made up for it. Pendulum, which i never heard before, was an awesome 'warm up act' for Prodigy. but the best part is the festival in general. lots of nature, everything well arranged, even 'real' toilets, and no queues. yesterday we tried local traditional food, rooster testicles included. day before that i had wok and the one before i cant remember, but the variety of food available is impressive. theres small supermarket and post offices set up too. ATM's - duh, internet tent and so forth.

anyhow... ive had a great time and

past 2 days were nice, 25-27C with some clouds too, but the weekend should be around 30C... i might just melt away?

weve been hooking up with the friends of Miri and Esko, so were not all by ourselves. nice. below is Tobi (swedish, plays drums in Matatu, tonight at 6) carrying Miri on his back.

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