August 16, 2009

have to party like theres no tomorrow?

because tomorrow...all that is waiting for me is an early wake up, a train ride to Vienna and reality hitting in, creeping slowly... tuesday ill fly back home and on wednesday i drag myself to the office.

last night we were tired but were being sports and went to the party arena to see Eric Prydz... after over an hour he still didnt play Call On Me. yea, were such groupies, just wanting to hear the hits. he played all the others tho. maybe Call On me was his encore... blah. i was pretty upset, we just left at that point.

relationship-wise...well, human-wise, its been interesting times. im pretty clueless and confused about this one guy whom i was (am....? i think? still?) really interested in. maybe a failure to communicate, maybe something else. then theres been some brief encounters, of which some was expected and some not as much. but all in all this trip and its contents has been good... its just the reality of things creeping in on me...

tonight: Faith No More, Paul Oakenfold. and plenty of bands i am not interested in, like the Offspring.

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