August 29, 2009

looks like i had salmon for dinner

i did not get to do much today. i met a friend and later another one. just catching up. spilling my problems and having a laugh.

whats amazing is my feet are still sore...not on the surface of course, but something like...the joints or something. the achilles tendon for sure. and, i am not sure what to blame this on, but the little toe on my right foot is partly a bit numb... feels odd. ive been following it at least a week. cant figure out what would cause it, not walking i believe...i think something needs to have pressed or hit a nerve. well, nor dangerous but odd and annoying.

this guy #badbanana on twitter is hilarious... i need to start following him.

movies that seem fuuuun:
men who stare at goats
Jennifer's body
the lovely bones of course...
the burning plain seems interesting...the plot thingies reminds me of Babel
also Cameron's Avatar is supposed to blow everyones mind...but the trailer at least didnt do that.

the company party was good...i think. but i had too much to drink, like seriously. its amazing though how i seem to often be aware of my state, even if not being able to remember afterwards, the photos prove it. i take photos of myself, that reflect my state, usually point-of-view style, showing what i see and parts of me in a not so flattering way... but i think i really topped myself this time. i think i was actually doing pretty well but then i got home and puked on my kitchen floor. how degreding is that? and, i took photos of this. i seem to have actually posed... to make it look even worse. what a nice surprise in my camera in the morning. along with yesterdays menu on the floor i mean. geez. too bad im such a fuckin wuss and never post the best photos, like these.

helsinki near the boat harbor


the last bar we were at. i have taken photos from outside that say it was Hotel Kämppi... but thats really fuckin fancy, i am surprised if i was actually there.

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