August 19, 2009

sick sick girl

i went to the doctors and im on a sick leave for this week. some flu, i guess the type doesnt need to be determined does it.

im trying to rest, take meds and drink water. but at some point i need to do daily things...i have bills to pay and whatnot blah blah...

my boss said there is a project in another dept that they were asking if i was interested, that means in addition to what i currently do. well, more hours would certainly be appreciated, so i need to be in contact with them.

regarding the Istanbul thing, its now agreed that i can go to the local office and work from there. im going 11th until 23rd, so thats almost 2 weeks. im a bit nervous but excited as well. seeing the city from perhaps a slightly different perspective.

i met my stepsister Julia yesterday, she is 18 now! omg! drinking and smoking and all... its odd, she was a kid just a little while ago. she is quite artsy... now thinking of becoming a tattoo artist!! thatd be crazy and great, she could put some ink on me too, i saw her drawings and damn the girl can draw. got it from her dad, just like i did. well, but she seems to be better than me. theres a reason i quit...

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