August 26, 2009

someone needs their beauty sleep, during the night

another vampire-day, couldnt get up until 3pm. altho i had the alarm go off at around 12:30...2,5hours of snooze-button. how well can u sleep with 9min intervals huh? thats as good as nothing...but i couldnt help it. i was tired. tonight...i seriously plan to do better! i DO need to check out HBO series Hung, but right after that im jumping to bed with sleeping pills and will hopefully sleep tight for 8 hours. i got work tomorrow, and afterwards a fall kick-off event on some boat, with my department from work....

shirt i got from Threadless. not my typical color, both are cream tones more less, but i loved the designs. 1st shirt 2nd shirt

earrings i got from the festival

waiting for the tram tonight. its been ages that i wore these shoes. i was out having 1 (2) drinks with Paavo.

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