September 14, 2009

the difference between lions and humans

i guess im having a quiet evening in the hostel room by myself (the germans are here only at night). didnt catch anyone to meet today. but this is fine. im enjoying my Spotify, which will work abroad 2 weeks i guess. and chats with friends. ive had the urgent need today to vent about the weekend to everyone.

i tried go look at some shops but did not buy ANYTHING. didnt feel like it... i must be ill?

but i need to go back to my work day because it was quite enjoyable...the office was really wonderful, nice design and colors and such. great lunch restaurant too, i found healthy good food. things are generally the same as in my local office, sodas in the fridge, fruits available, recycling everything... :) but security control at the door?? never seen one except at the airport. i guess it goes to remind me this is not the safest city in the world. the neighborhood of the office is nice, clean, big office buildings. not an area where u necessarily wanna live, too boring for that, but definitely good for working.

it was a warm day, t-shirt weather for sure. skirts and sandals are generally fine through day and night but ive used a sweater until today.

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