September 04, 2009

matching colors and interwebbing

wellll, someones shoe addiction is way worse than mine; shoedaydreams :) but she inspires me to do more modification work...its clearly possible. it does look like she doesnt use them shoes though. which is a shame. okay i know how they turn out if you DO use them...but wearing my shoes is kind of... the point.

i got these in the mail today... and clearly know which shirt they work with... very flat shoes i must add, but i am willing to give em a try anyway... i am trying to expand my shoe collection to 2-3inch heels...

and these arrived a few days ago (supercomfy i must add);

and i got some others last week, besides the pink ones i blogged about. a couple more pairs arriving next week, and now i have to stop shopping because i wont be home receiving the shoes for a couple weeks :( :(

on wednesday i met with miss R and we went to a new restaurant (Pitaco) nearby for dinner. i had vegetarian pasta.

very nice photos... enigmatic, by Cole Rise

Tom Robinson also has nice photographs...

this love letters -project is fascinating. i didnt do anything like this, but i as i told the architect tonight when he was online, i sometimes write letters to people which i know i wont send. i just need to get things off my chest and get them out of my head... and while im brutally open, sometimes... its not possible to say these things directly to people. sometimes they dont want to hear, either. yet i have things in my mind. anyway, i bet a lot of people do these unset-letter things... i have some in my computer from 1994 or something, in a weird format because i didnt have a computer at the time, the files are kind of fucked...

wonderful surreal drawings and manips

17 cool world map wallpapers. the last one on the list is probably my favorite though, the others do amuse and entertain however.

too bad im not musically inclined. this looplabs thing seems fun.

actor Kari Ketonen's showreel vid is actually pretty neat.

*listening to Bon Iver*

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