September 14, 2009


well. i got myself to the office this morning. easy. and its pretty goddamn fancy :S damn. really lovely here.

it was odd to wake up in a room with 3 german guys (that were still sleeping of course) and get dressed, take my laptop and leave to work. the busy streets were quiet, the air soft and warm, sun had just come up and it was beautiful. quit a nice morning all in all.

a morning shared with mr "doesnt want to be referred to", on saturday, started beautifully too. i woke up next to him and it was peaceful. from there on, things went downhill, and its been such a crazy fuckin weekend im not even going into it. wtf happened?

last night i met with this girl from dA, K├╝bra, and we had nice time bar hopping around taksim. she has been in finland, so we had a lot to talk about. going to see her again later this week.

the hostel im staying it quite special really, the owner especially, he gets to know everyone personally cos hes always around and everyone staying there is quite relaxed and ive hung out with a couple ppl on occasions.

thats things in short. i need to work!

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