September 10, 2009

i dont know if the prognosis is good but i have to see for myself

so im busy getting everything ready for my trip. for once i started packing early enough. fixed my nails, finished the photos for the wo/man i shot the other day and i still need to pay some bills and put movies on my video player. altho i think on the flight i need to work!

im only taking 4 pairs of shoes...:( 12(days)/4 is like... 3? 3 days with each pair, if i was to wear them evenly. blah. okay so i love shoes so what.

im meeting a lot of people again, new and old, it wont be lonely for sure :) and some things will hopefully clear up between me and mr *doesnt want to be referred to*. about fuckin time? is there gravity? and if, what kind? or are things too broken? if not, what then?

i had some serious issues with my work computer today actually, the same ones i had before moving to W7. my co-worker was luckily online and helped me get the problems in order, i did a weird run -> cmd -thing (chkdsk /f). that fixed it. it wouldve been a VERY inconvenient time for my laptop to die!

i just got this email, and i had to smile reading her;

"subject: so ur very hard to write a paper on!!! lol

HEY! My ridiculous history of photo teacher who doesn't teach very well wants us to write about photographers and your very hard to find info on!!! which is fustrating because well i found your site when i was in 9th grade? so about 5 years ago??? and Its what made me want to learn this junks!! anywho if you reply or have time to at least i'm sure i will have googled the shit out of you and put this kick ass or horrible one page paper together and turned it in for the simple fact i'm stupidly determined!!!"

so at least i can say in my life i had an impact on someone, somewhere? :)

articles on
finnish security police digging up soviet spies
finnish preference: no greeting, no touching

by the english edition of Helsingin Sanomat

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