September 23, 2009

"youre playing with my delirium"

*listening to Ladyhawke: My Delirium*

Ladyhawke in general is a nice listening experience, fresh.

i didnt take too many pics in istanbul. i just didnt have my touristy mode on or whatever. and i only have one photo of mr "he called me today, after i got back home", or his arms, rather, nothing else. some things i just memorize rather than capture on a memory card. sometimes.

taking ferry to the 'other' side
at night

food - 230909
i know its not sensible to make comparisons when it comes to the cost of food for example, because so many other things affect the true cost... but having bought these items today and paying 21+ euros for them made me think "fuck, expensive". i could have chosen cheaper bread, cheaper yogurt, cheaper salad etc though. i was aware of my choices, just saying...

'oil rocks' ouside Baku, Azerbaijan.

designer quit

Iranian president Ahmadinejad denying the holocaust reminded me of how i always find the claim amusing to begin with. i did some googling on what these ppl are they explain evidence and whatnot.
wiki on holocaust denial
institute for historical review (sounds official, doesnt it?)
some revisionist FAQ
didnt keep me entertained too long, i just cant take this too seriously. rhetorical nitpicking and changing the subject and whatnot... come on, try harder

confusing day. i might wanna go to bed early. but perhaps visit my very own wonderful shower first.

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