October 01, 2009

BunCops would bust ur ass

today was busy work-wise and i need to seriously work during the weekend... but i feel quite optimistic about my little project finishing more less in time :P

tv show Moment of Truth has apparently arrived to finland. i just found out now, im pretty clueless usually whats on tv. 2 out of 3 contestants have already lost their jobs, way to go. its so easy to lose your reputation in this small country :)

but as for tv...i think i really need to cheer myself up. i ended up accidentally watching a tv series of a vet's reception... and a kitty was being put to sleep and i immediately started crying of course. that was enough. i need something nice, happy people (or animals, but the first one is easier to find). i think that would be Biggest Loser. besides Amazing Race, this series always made me super happy.

why dont they have nice reality shows for kitties. like a Big Brother type of thing or something. "Bunhouse". "Bestest kitty". okay, thats perhaps not an animal thing. Animal Cops (and its sister series) is great, probably the 'best' animal stuff on tv that ive seen. and by best i mean most heartwarming. i would need more of that stuff.

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