October 28, 2009

featured machinery

i met interesting people today, i came to the office today to attend a meeting with a finnish portal. i knew the site but was curious to get the insight in how they work, stats, plans etc. very user oriented cool stuff. i think i became a fan.

this weekend is DigiExpo - self explanatory - but i concluded that its mostly interesting for HiFi people, not so much the web-geek such as me. i was given a ticket though so i would have the option of going if i found the time/interest. perhaps on sunday.

man made creations have been catching my attention lately. when going to work, i often admire the headquarters of Kone (the elevator company). its not that its so special in general, a simple block, using glass and wood that u can see through, still looking quite light i think... but the side well visible from the road shows 4 elevator shafts. i don't know why, but i think it looks especially nice. and i doubt its not an accident. google's 3D model shows it nicely, as does this article.

i thought Sebastian's party on friday is a birthday party, i have a vague feeling his birthday was a few weeks ago (thanks, FB), but turns out it's "just ordinary hang around party where all you need to do is look good" :D. what a relief, no need to worry about a present. i suck with presents.

this Nokia testlab video was interesting.

i ordered kitty magnets from dA the other day (shipping was FREEE! :D). now i just sit on my ass anxiously waiting for them to arrive. its been a while since i grew my kitty magnet collection. i cant wait to move to a bigger flat and buy a bigger fridge - the door of this one is getting alarmingly full.

the nightmare brunette - blog has some nice pics every here and there. worth following i believe.

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