October 04, 2009

learning to walk

so i get home after 2pm today and first thing need to delete the 10 or so posts i made last night. not that bad all of them, just stupid and unnecessary. as is most of this blog, i know...but well. i didnt even check the videos id shot and sent during the night. i dont care, im sure they were unnecessary.

so i was at the birthday party having good times. eastern helsinki is fucked up. just saying. that or fucked up things just happen while there. but i enjoyed.

i did hurt my ankle though, seems to happen more and often lately... the left ankle ligament especially is becoming 'loose' or something... usually i dont break anything, but like now, the ankle is swollen and hurting. it will last about two weeks and then its better. just ready for me to stumble again...

now 80s music and work. lots of both.

in the news today: a guy breaks into a bank in Mikkeli and then passes out. cops find him sleeping in the bank.

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