October 05, 2009


what a day. i slept and worked in intervals... because i still have my #1 job to do, even if im swamped with #2 project now. i worked on the website all night and went to bed after 8, then got up and went back to bed on and off until afternoon... crazy. leaves a hangoverish feeling, sleeping with clothes on and then getting up and trying to be all sharp and knowledgeable... then falling back to unconsciousness again. aaaanyway, should get easier after tomorrow, its scheduled launch altho i am really not sure if we can make it :( so many things still broken etc. well, i have all night and tomorrow hehe...

after going live theres a lot of things to add on the site so the job is not over just yet. which is nice...i kind of like getting paid for work. its practical when u need to pay bills and all that...

mentally was a shit day, ive been trying to process the case of mr *whomever* for some time now. but its hard and im not sure he understands what i think and feel. im trying to force him to listen, but with the distance its not really working out i guess. this is hard. i dont think ive been in this exact position before, or at least it never ended like this, that i simply have to give in and back off.

ive been checking out scarfs and gloves from Etsy but most stuff is made for weather thats warmer than ours... so, very light materials, small coverage area... fingerless gloves are really bloody useless for me, unless underneath a real pair of mittens. and i got one scarf from Etsy last year but it was quite small and didnt warm me enough. honestly with this stuff im better off going to H&M.

an insight to the finnish man (studio Julmahuvi, english subs):

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