October 21, 2009

newbie bun photographer

so ive finally gotten around to my long time dream - bun portraiture. its hard... i could see myself falling for the same silly mistakes i have done with humans long time ago... but theres a start for everything i guess.

my model was Ringo. he is a beautiful very soft boy with lotsa attitude, apparently he is the king of the flat, which he shares with a human and a kitty. he was a bit shy at first but on his best behavior, we had a decent shoot - regardless of the fact that im a novice obviously. i hope i did at least some justice with these pics... i KNOW how imperfect they are and i could/should do so much better. but it will take time to learn...

more sensitive side...

very basic mug shot

Ringo's true colors

1 comment:

Catherine said...

Its great to see you branching out like this to do what you love so much. I've loved the bun photos from others that you've shared. But seeing your own works is great!

Love the 'mug shot' one :D