October 22, 2009

on april 22nd, 2010, i will...

i found Flash Forward (abc series) last night - thanks to Arttu. i was hooked on the spot, of course. i like the idea of seeing future and to think how to cope with it. things cant happen exactly the same way, if we see them happening, but i dont mind, i am looking forward to see how the writers explain the whole thing. but if i make up a 'flash forward-moment' (black out and see myself in 6 months from now) for myself, i have a goal to go to.

a lot of people are comparing Flash Forward to Lost... Lost is one of the series i never followed so i couldnt care less. and honestly i have to believe Lost was prolly better done... the acting and logic of the people in FF is not that amazing. but good enough to me. i like the idea. the abc.com website even has a "Mosaic Collective -website" where people can post their "flash forwards". nice.

so im now to reading the forums and trying to find spoilers too..

it was a decent day, this thursday. in the afternoon i got obsessed with the idea of making a website of some sort, with friends. just to post fun stuff or whatever... the concept needs work! i want to do something...

i am listening to this song on repeat...its so nice & easy... Say Hi To Your Mom: Blah Blah Blah (spotify). and youtube embedded cos ITS SO AWESOME:

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