October 26, 2009

the screen has my attention

i just realized i really wanna go to Salt Lake City, Utah. i know it wont happen anytime soon. but anyways.

oh i just found a new series (White Collar)...but my enthusiam was cut short. only pilot done so far. grrr. the main guy is SOOOO hot, so smart, so charming. a player. smart player. ohhhohhhoh.

another interesting one is Defying Gravity. space stuff is interesting. i should watch the movie Moon.

some other movies that seem interesting but are not out yet are Uncertainty, parallel universes and the question of what consequences our acts abnd choices have always fascinates me. Until the Light Takes Us is a documentary about black metal, shot in Norway (where else - hehe). the trailer is kind of interesting, we have some of this culture here so it seems interesting. The Flying Scissors might be amusing as well...

escapism, anyone?

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