October 14, 2009

stuck in each others heads. how inconvenient.

i slept through the day... oh well. tonight i might just medicate myself to sleep, stay up all day tomorrow and hopefully keep that rhythm for a while. i was supposed to meet a friend tonight, that got cancelled. i am still seeing Arttu though, later, for a walk. should work too. now that the website is out i feel much more relaxed but theres some tweaks and stuff to do still... its just nice there is no hurry anymore.

i needz moor skin creamz. so i ordered yet another jar of Clinique Moisture Surge Extra from eBay. its amazing stuff.

mom called. shes been in the hospital for a while again now. i didnt ask why and she didnt mention. i can tell when she is there by the echo of the place, its very distinctive and different from when shes home. and those are the only 2 places she could be at. so, very easy to spot. she always asks how i am, and i always say fine. and then she asks if anything new is happening or so, and i say no.

oh Lie To Me has started its 2nd season too, yay.

my head is still in istanbul. in many ways. and im feeling so restless. everything is uncertain and i want to move somehow, some way, somewhere.

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