October 13, 2009

txting & lipgloss

this coming winter Helsinki and Jyväskylä will have a txt msg warning system for slippery streets... err. im not sure id want a txt about street X being slippery today - i think ill take my chances. which is why i wont sign up for this wonderful service. im just wondering who the fuck will... someone who has no life and would like their hand held at all times but if thats not possible, a txt message telling to be cautious will do.

my plan for the week:
-get my sleeping rhytm in order.
-do laundry

+maybe write a couple emails regarding istanbul job stuff.
+organize my clothes a bit...too much of them, all over

i got myself 2 lipglosses (Make Up Store) today. really needed something to cheer myself up.

ah, new season of Mentalist... :)

"eskimo language has over 200 words for snow. here's one of them".

the glass :D

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