October 10, 2009

W as in Weekend

i slept over 12 hours. yesterday i saw muuli and he cooked entrecote steak and oven potatoes... yum. and now im off to see Anni, she is going to Istanbul next month and wants to hear my "to see" tips. im not one for sightseeing but maybe i have something else to offer. later im seeing *family man from Espoo*. but i was out drinking on thursday so i am low-key for the rest of the weekend...

after using W7 on my work computer, im now starting to think little by little id kinda want it on my
home desktop as well... i never felt that way about Vista! but i have to admit W7 is pretty sweet. i dig the logic and visuals etc. so i might switch over in a month or so. these are big decisions for me...

one of my fav blogs; daily writing tips

www.regretsy.com lol

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