October 10, 2009

shoes & women(at work)

i think i didnt blog these shoes earlier.

i got these red accessories the other day, on my way home from office;

the drinks menu at Backstage-bar below. i am amused by "james hetfield" being mineral water :D and my fav drink, vodka+energy drink, is called "groupie"...
backstage-bar menu/drinklist

view from a toilet window. Ateljee-bar downtown helsinki.
view from Torni ateljee-bar toilet

downtown tonight before 6pm
center of hki

and while im at it, heres a view from a bus stop, when im leaving office/work the other day.
leaving work

amusing groovy song; Movits: Ă„ppelknyckarjazz (spotify) (youtube)

interesting project; beforeidieiwanto.org
what do i want before i die? feel loved for example? finish the website project?

oh noes nightmare on elm street has been remade. black dynamite trailer made my eyes the size of plates, lollers, this is very funny. the messenger seems interesting, great music in the trailer, too.

Helsingin Sanomat international edition reports;
"Women soon to outnumber men at work
More women encroaching on predominantly male jobs - such as surgery


Caught in the Middle- Age said...

I am always jealous of those with great shoes collections- I wear a five- not easy to find- even on the net sometimes I wear a four in womens which is 2 1/2 childrens. At least tennis shoes are cheap. I did post websites on shoes for my fellow small footed females- but it is not the same as trying them on before buying

small footed momma

jenni said...


here's eBay search for size 5 (US) women's shoes for ya;

over 10 000+ results, yay? :) if theyre cheap i guess the risk of shoes not fitting is decent?